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Fear of water in children (hydrophobia)
Water is life. On especially hot days, many have tested this truth on themselves. But on the shore of reservoirs you can definitely see a child who is literally forcibly…

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Finally, at the family council, an important decision was made to go on vacation with the baby, the time for rest was determined, and perhaps you already know which country…

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What should I ask about in a telephone conversation or letter first of all? Is there a kids club on site; Club working hours; Does the club have a Russian…

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Toys to take with you

Here, of course, you need to take into account the interests of your baby. But, there are “universal” toys that will bring joy to any little spa. These are, first of all, balls. It is better to take a couple of them: a small rubber and inflatable. It’s hard to find a more useful and joyful thing! The second position is rightfully occupied by floating toys. But here do not overdo it. Take 2-3. The rest, if desired, can be bought on the spot. It’s great to take a watering can with you. Even the smallest child will be happy to water himself and others … A sand set should be taken with you only in the case of a sandy beach. Although, you can find a worthy application for such important things everywhere … A handbag or a small backpack can also be useful. Kids love to carry them with them. Continue reading

Parent experience

My daughter loves to look at photographs, remembers summer vacations in winter, this develops her memory, and does not allow her beloved grandmother to be forgotten. As a rule, we take photographs of the rest before leaving home and consider them on the way back. Both the impressions are fresh and the occupation is interesting – the more photographs, the longer the child is busy.

On the train you can give a boiled egg to peel – my very daughter loves. You can also take a soft toy (a bear, for example), cut a circle the size of an apple on your stomach (pope, wherever you want) to pull out the filler, and instead stick the colorful shreds of fabric sewn with a ribbon of different structure). , hole in the bear close. Then the child ‘opens’ the bear and takes out, like a magician, rags and examines them. Continue reading

How to take a child on the road

In order to interest the child, get new interesting little things in front of the road: miniature cardboard books, small soft toys, magnets, a small drawing board, multi-colored pens, etc. The main thing is that the toys should not be too small, do not crumble-spill-unscrew. In addition to new toys, one or two are needed that the child knows and is used to, because when he gets into new, unfamiliar conditions, he should have a piece of his usual life nearby.

The next component of the baggage is children’s goodies and – necessarily – a bottle of water. As a rule, young children love everything bright and rustling, therefore it is not necessary to take one bag with a bunch of food, it is better on the contrary – there are a lot of bags, and there is not enough food. Continue reading

Safety: at the airport or train station

In order not to lose sight of the child in a busy place (for example, at the airport or train station), wear brightly colored clothes on the road. Being in places where there are a lot of people, always agree in advance where you will meet in case you suddenly get lost.

Own luggage

Buy your child a baby suitcase with a cart on wheels or a backpack in which he can put his toys, children’s books or something from food. Having your own luggage for which you are responsible teaches the child responsibility. It is also important that he provides all possible assistance to elders. Continue reading


Going on the road with a child, we hope that the baby during the holidays will strengthen his health, gain strength, get new impressions … So that the rest does not go down the drain, it is worth foreseeing everything.

Life hack for parents: use a ready-made list of things for a trip with a child. Check off what has already been put in the bag. So you will definitely not forget anything.

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