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On vacation with a small child

Summary: Rest with young children. On vacation with a small child. Rest with a child. On an airplane, on a train, in a car. How to take a child on the road. What to take for a small child on the road. Parents of a small child on a note.

on vacation with a small child
July! Dusty in the city, boring in the suburbs. All the playgrounds within a radius of two kilometers from your house are trampled, and slides with carousels are wiped to the holes with the pants of your beloved little one. Even sparrows were saddened: their spring homon gave way to rare lazy roll calls. Sorry for the birds: they have nowhere to go. But summer is a time of relaxation and travel! The only question is: how will the higher-ranking children’s authorities react to this?

Let’s dot the “and”. If you care about the simultaneous calm of all family members (including those who stay at home waiting for your return), postpone the voyage with the younger generation until it (the generation) reaches about three years. Most pediatricians consider this age to be suitable for the first long journey.

For those who want to minimize their own travel worries while traveling with their baby, we can only recommend taking along a kilo of chocolates. Every time a child opens his mouth, lay there on a piece of candy – and that’s all! Caramels on a stick or toffee are also suitable – they stick to the teeth, leaving the boys and girls no chance to quickly get rid of themselves. For the worst, offer your father’s bullies a mobile – let the little one discuss with the kindergarten sidekicks the quirks of “ancestors” … Just keep in mind that the closest bill for calls will be unusually large. Add to it the cost of a pediatric dentist who is more expensive than an adult. Comfort yourself with the fact that all these misfortunes await you after your vacation!

To the same conscientious parents who want to make their child’s life easier on the road, we want to say that this trip will not be the most carefree in your life. However – the impossible does not exist, and the main thing in this matter is to think over the details!

What to choose?

In flight. A one-year-old baby who can only move by the handle with his mother is an ideal candidate for air travel. He is still not so burdened by his own opinion as a two-year-old, and he does not have the habit of screaming deafeningly and for a long time, like a newborn. His attention is amazingly mobile, and he is not able to desire something so irreconcilable that he could not be tamed in 10 minutes. He calms down perfectly, getting drunk from a bottle (or feeding his mother), and therefore it is likely that soon after takeoff he will simply fall asleep, digesting what he just saw from the window.

Pediatricians, by the way, are strongly advised to give the baby a drink after take-off, so that his ears are “postponed”. In no case do not forget the pacifier, if the child uses it. Like it or not, voyage is stress, and it is unlikely that the baby will be able to calm down, especially – to fall asleep without a nipple. Favorite toys should also be at hand: a few “entertaining”, plus – your favorite teddy bear. If you are not making a transatlantic flight, then you should only take into account the recommendations of a purely practical nature, given below. It is unexpected everyday difficulties that can nevertheless spoil a trip in the best form of transport with a child of the best age for air travel. As for the older children, there should not be any trouble with them on the plane at all.

In the compartment of the train. “The long road in the dunes” is not an easy pastime for a small person. He is knocked out of his usual rut by a flurry of new experiences, an abundance of strangers around, who behave differently, the need to live this period of time according to completely new laws. In addition, mental satiety occurs in children faster, in everyday language called deadly boredom.

Complicated by the fact that a small child is less oriented in time and does not understand, unlike us, what “two days on the road” is. At home, he realizes what lies ahead, relying on the little things familiar from birth and favorite habits. To a lesser extent, he cares about the time of day, especially – the position of the hands on the clock. On the road, he is deprived of all the usual landmarks, so his regime may go astray, and his appetite worsen – this is normal. In addition, the baby may “fall into childhood” slightly: refuse a cup in favor of a bottle or desire to be fed from a spoon. The only support in an unusual place are relatives who need to be calm and confident. Then he will perceive the journey not as a global cataclysm, but as a fun adventure.

Your little one needs some milestones, placed in this monotonous and endless day, to ease the wait. Home rituals that you have not neglected will help to indicate the time of day in the viscous space of the trip: these are the usual cup, spoon and plate, kefir with cookies for afternoon tea, washing and changing clothes for the night, a fairy tale. The first item on the list of things is to add your favorite teddy bear or the “night friend” replacing it. Do not forget the pacifier if the baby is used to it. If the child is nervous, do not leave him alone even for five minutes: you are guaranteed a deafening roar that you will hear before you reach the next compartment.

In car. Lack of motor activity leads to the fact that all the tissues of the body, and most importantly the brain, are worse supplied with oxygen transported by the blood, because when we move, we “disperse blood through the body.” The children’s brain is especially sensitive to hypoxia. The result is the fatigue felt by the young creatures, as a general spiritual and bodily anguish. Do not take a small child into a crowded car – children already endure tightness in their movements. During the rally, be sure to plan the stops every 2 hours when the child is not sleeping, at this time it is necessary to ventilate the interior. Be sure to wash the baby, move around, play badminton or an inflatable ball.

On the road, do not let the child get drunk a lot – in order to avoid unpleasant incidents, after which everyone will be forced to change clothes and artificially raise a slightly fallen mood. An ordinary straw is very convenient – to drink through it is “cool”, and in the conditions of shaking it is also functional. In addition – it delays the process, which is for everyone gathered only at hand. Feed your baby often, but little by little. Try to arrange snacks not in the car. The “picnic on the sidelines” format is preferred; it also offloads the nervous system. If there is a city around – stop by at cafes or restaurants, providing the baby with a change of impressions and a break in monotonous road experiences.

Parents note.

Airplane. Keep in mind that when you drop off your stroller before leaving for baggage, you will part with it for a longer period than you want: when you leave the plane, you will be forced to carry the child on yourself, and then wait with it for your luggage to be delivered. Only one way out: give personal transport to the stewardess, warning that you will need a stroller right after landing. Alternative: cane stroller or kangaroo backpack. You know the minuses: you also carry the kangaroo, and the stroller cane, in spite of the only plus – compactness, has a modest minus: it becomes uncontrollable on the surface, slightly less smooth than the home floor.

Some airlines upon reservation provide passengers with children weighing up to 10 kg an additional service such as a crib. You can use it if your place is near the wall. The disadvantages are obvious: in order to leave your chair and, say, get rid of the used diaper, you have to disturb another two or three people.

The car shares with the train the second place in terms of comfort after the plane. Everywhere its pros and cons, you decide. A car is more mobile, as its name implies. You always have the opportunity to deviate from the route in case of urgent need, make a halt, choosing a place for parking. However, in the car the baby gets tired more: due to motion sickness and the inability to shake oneself. After three hours of travel, he was squeezed like a lemon, precisely from what he did nothing at all. The most inappropriate age for car travel is from a year to two. The breasts still sleep a lot, especially – rocked in the car, “talkers” – two-year-olds – partly “heed” the words. But the one-year-old fidget and really can “give you a light” during the auto-voyage.

Compliance with basic safety rules will help you feel relaxed. During the movement, the little one can blow even on the hottest day: do not open the windows very much. Make sure that the child does not crawl or get up in the cabin while driving, be sure to use the car seat or a removable chair from the transformer stroller. It is best to place it in the back seat of the car, behind the passenger, not the driver.

A train. Obvious pluses – the child has the opportunity to move around and get a lot of new impressions. Children traveling usually sleep more. However, when the child has already slept, he will show an indomitable thirst for knowledge. Do not dismiss the child: this can cause a more violent protest than at home, because the road is stress, when all irritants are perceived more acutely, and the level of anxiety is higher. Moreover, in an unfamiliar place, and especially on the way, the gradation of “friend or foe” and a sense of family integrity are aggravated. Be sure to go for a walk at stops, even if it seems that there is nothing to do there, and the compartment at this time – ventilate.

To your own mood “all the way” was noticeably above zero, do not forget about the obvious, but necessary, like air, little things. Stock up on any chlorine-based product: in the compartment you can wipe the most attractive design elements for study. Wipes are literally indispensable in the way: with an alcohol solution, just wet and even ordinary dry; the bib saves you from having to change your baby; a pot is needed; and at the same time – diapers; certainly you need a sufficient amount of drinking water, the composition of which the child is used to. In addition, children are perfectly distracted and calmed by small snacks: always have your child’s favorite meal at hand: cookies, bagels, dryers, crackers, fruits, cheese. Corn sticks are able to take the baby’s attention for a long time, but have a drawback – their hands get too dirty.

How to take a child on the road
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