On vacation with a small child
Summary: Rest with young children. On vacation with a small child. Rest with a child. On an airplane, on a train, in a car. How to take a child on…

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What to do with the child on the road? (part 2)
Guess my song. Sing the first line of the song, which your child probably knows. If he recognizes her, let him sing the next one. If he doesn’t find out,…

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How to keep a child in line or transport

Summary: The child cannot and does not want to wait. Boredom in line or on the road, how to keep a child busy when he has nothing to do? Several ways to keep your child in line and other boring places.

how to keep a child in line
I’m already just afraid to appear with my son in a public place. He absolutely does not know how to behave in queues, in public transport, at my work – he whines, screams, pestering people. It is clear that he is bored, but will he outgrow it ?! So far, with “age” it only gets noisier …

We ourselves often provoke children to be harmful. We simply create such conditions that the child is forced to behave in an undisciplined manner. We provoke – and do not notice. This happens if parents forget:

children are not adults, they are not like us. And what is quite tolerable for us is impossible for them as hard.

Yesterday we stood in line at the ATM. Before us is a pretty mother and child, a girl about five years old. The girl, after standing for two or three minutes, begins to spin.

– Stand still! – Mom tells her.
The girl stood quietly, but it is clear that her legs do not want to stand in place. Flooded with legs. Mother:
– Calm down! – The legs calmed down, now the handles are working: they reached for the “lightning” and unfastened the jacket.
– What are you doing, will break! – again stops her mother.
The girl clucked her tongue:
– Mom, look, I’m a squirrel!
Mom is silent. The girl pulled her mother’s skirt. Mother:
– What is it! Can you stand still ?!

No, can’t imagine. Children cannot stand for nothing and do nothing! And off we go:
“I told someone! .. Don’t be cool! … I’m talking for the last time!”

Of course, she also said something neutral from time to time … but … For a very short period of time, we counted 14 comments.

Sometimes one thinks: what a blessing, that children know how to let our words pass by our ears! So many harmful words, when only two could be said, and both are good, and – the girl would have behaved perfectly. “Let’s play”.

“Let’s play” are just magic words.

Why did the little girl spin? Boredom. Children do not know how to get bored. They can hardly stand all sorts of expectations, when – there is nothing to do, when – nothing interesting and no information, and even jump-move is impossible.

Adults have a good lifesaver as a means of salvation. When there is nothing to do, we easily plunge into our inner world. Thoughts are floating, we are thinking, we are talking to someone inside ourselves. The children of the inner world do not yet have, or rather, it is just lining up, drawing, and they have not caught it, so that they can only plunge into the outer. And here to look for a way to save yourself from boredom.

Take the child when he has nothing to do! Or do not bother to at least find it yourself! And if it bothers you, tell me what you can do and how.

This is not so difficult. This is useful: you are engaged in a common cause, and a common cause unites. Busy, and busy, and engaged with the child, and you do not even need to spend extra time on it: you use what is. (Parents often complain that there is not enough time to deal with the child. But finding it is so easy! Just use it fully when you are near.)

There is nothing worse when you are condemned to a simple for no reason at all. Just stand and do nothing - in line, in official institutions, before opening a…


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