Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark A small, slightly stiff, not full of tricked rides - and such a charming Tivoli Park. It seems that Hans Christian Andersen himself would recommend visiting him.…

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On vacation with a small child
Summary: Rest with young children. On vacation with a small child. Rest with a child. On an airplane, on a train, in a car. How to take a child on…

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What to do with the child on the road? (part 1)
What to do with the child on the road? Psychologist's advice. Traveling in a car or on an airplane limits the ability of a small fidget to move; and since…

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Tales of a Best Friend

If you’re waiting in a room with magazines, play Tales of a Best Friend. See which pictures will catch your child’s attention – with a picture of a person or an animal. Let him imagine who each of them would choose as his best friend. With whom does the dog want to be friends – with a cat, mouse, elk or with a boy? Make up a story about best friends. Ask the child what they are doing, what games they play, what they eat and whether they fight.

If your child does not always behave well, for example, takes away toys from other children, you can carefully and delicately tell him about his best friend who takes away toys. Let your kid teach a friend to share toys in this story, while trying to have the conversation lead him. You will learn a lot about what is happening in your child’s soul. Do not keep him from choosing, at first glance, not suitable pairs. If the elephant decides that the mouse will be his best friend, you will have a great opportunity to discuss how opposites can enrich friendship, rather than destroy it. The more differences, the better!

We consider it good for the child to have many friends. This exercise is a good way to show your baby what you will like if he has many friends.

Black magic

The main participants in this game are the “wizard” and his assistant, “who can read minds” (clairvoyant). The focus with reading thoughts is quite simple: an object that “guesses” a “wizard” will be named, say, behind an object in black. Here is an example of this game.

The “clairvoyant” closes his eyes, while the “wizard” silently shows others the assigned subject. When the “clairvoyant” opens his eyes, the “wizard” asks him these questions:

“Do I think about salt?”

“Clairvoyant” replies: “No.”

“Do I think of a napkin?” – “No.”

“Do I think about pepper?” – “No.”

“Do I think about ketchup?” – here the assistant says: “Yes”, because “ketchup” follows a black object – pepper.

Now the audience can choose different things, and the “wizard” and “clairvoyant” continue to show tricks until their “mystical” power is revealed.

Rock Paper Scissors

Probably your grandparents, and maybe their parents as children played this game, however, it is still popular. Two people are against each other. At the count of three, each instantly depicts with one hand either a sheet of paper (flat palm), or scissors (the middle and index fingers are stretched in the shape of the letter V, like a pair of scissors blades), or a stone (palm clenched in a fist). Because scissors cut paper, they prevail over it. The stone that “breaks” the scissors defeats them. The paper covers the stone and therefore wins.

Start the game with the words: “Stone, scissors, paper …”, pronouncing them as if you counted one, two, three, and both participants of the game simultaneously “throw out” their hands, giving a sign. If the players showed the same piece, it means “draw”. The first to score ten points wins the game.

Connect the dots

Put dots on a piece of paper (a napkin and a prescription for medicines are suitable for this). Ask your child to connect them so that they get some kind of intricate abstract figure. Then let him draw the dots. Maybe with my eyes closed it will be more interesting to do. Observe how many different shapes he can draw. It is likely that he will even want to show one of his drawings to the doctor when your turn comes to him for an appointment. Of course, the figure will become much more beautiful if, by connecting the dots, you will use colored pencils. And the child who masters the score can count the number of points.

Picture Stories

Pay attention to the child’s paintings hanging on the walls of the room where you are waiting for something. Let him choose one of them and come up with some kind of story. If the figure depicts a person, compose the story of his life. If this is a landscape, imagine that there are people who are not visible, and figure out what they could do here. In this way, you can penetrate the world of imagination and perception of your child. If at first he has difficulties, start setting out your story, stopping from time to time so that the baby can add his own details.

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