Samui (Thailand), Crocodile Dreams
If the rest of Thailand is often overrun by tourists, sometimes with dubious nightlife, then Samui is mastered for the most part by European adventurers and families with children who…

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Going on the road with a child, we hope that the baby during the holidays will strengthen his health, gain strength, get new impressions ... So that the rest does…

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There is nothing worse when you are condemned to a simple for no reason at all. Just stand and do nothing - in line, in official institutions, before opening a…

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Common features

The meaning of this game is to search for common characteristics in people and objects surrounding you. This develops the child’s insight, observation, and ability to analyze, but at the same time requires the ability to count. The game should take the form of a conversation. For example, your child notices a person with glasses, and everyone begins to count how many people around wear glasses. You can search for people in brown boots, blondes, dogs of the same breed, etc. Using this game, older children can be introduced to the idea of ​​percentages. In advance, a task is set for him, which he will have to solve. How many out of ten dogs you met are lapdogs? How many black cars out of ten in the parking lot? Will this ratio be respected in the next parking lot?


The game “Twenty-one” is a variant of the game “Musical Chairs”, during which players walk around the chairs to music. There are one less chair than the number of players; when the music falls silent, players try to quickly sit on a chair. Loses the one who did not have enough chair. The twenty-one game is suitable for situations where you have to wait a long time or when you are traveling. The loser is the one to whom the number 21 falls.

The rule is this: the participants in the game name the numbers in order. For example, the first says: “One,” the other says: “Two, three.” The following adds: “four” or “four, five.” The score continues until the latter is forced to call the number 21. This is a good intellectual game for any age. You can complicate it a bit by counting to a larger odd number, for example, to 35, 47, or 99. The rule is the same, but the game time increases.


Tell your child what business inventory is: every business should keep a record of everything it owns. The owner of a shoe store considers shoes, shoes and insoles, as well as regular customers. Ask the child to help him keep a record. What is the category of items that the child should count. You can take into account objects or people (including the number of boys and girls) or mark any events, for example, how many red cars passed by.

After taking an inventory, draw a table and you will have a document showing the results of the work. Perhaps the store owner wants to keep it at home.

Count faster

When the children get older and begin to study the multiplication table, take an “inventory”, counting two or three subjects. If there are six drawers on each shelf, can your child, having counted the number of shelves, calculate how many boxes are on the shelf?

Unfinished business

Often our desires do not coincide with the desires of children. They want to tell something about their corner for toys or about Peter’s new game; we want to discuss a new dish for lunch, or how to brush our teeth, or at this time we are busy with a telephone conversation. Unlike computers, young children do not have a good and long-term memory. Do not expect the child to remember for two or three days what happened in the morning in the kindergarten; because if you do not pay attention to the information that appears on the TV screen, it remains forever lost for you.

In one way or another, save the most important messages of the child – remember, write down so that you can have them at hand when you have to wait. “Now,” you tell the child, “finally we have enough time to discuss everything: how do you want to celebrate your birthday?., Why is Peter crying all the time?., What was shown in your favorite TV show?., What’s new today at school? .. ”Remember, if you are waiting for an appointment with a doctor’s office or are in another similar situation, choose pleasant topics for conversation, avoid those that can lead to conflict.

“Have you ever seen?”

One of the best gifts that children can give us is the opportunity to get in touch with the world of funny nonsense. Since in the life of many adults there is no meaning at all, it is good that children sometimes remind us of this. You, like your child, can enjoy whispering this cheerful, meaningless rhyme:

Have you seen ever, ever, ever
A cat who eats a hat, at least out of the corner of his eye?
We’ve never seen a cat eating a hat,
Not seen, not seen, not seen even once.

One of you says the first three lines, and the other adds a fourth to complete the rhyme. Then you both read the fifth line together. Words can be completely stupid and meaningless, but they must be rhymed. For instance:

Did you see a hippo
Did you eat compote with a teaspoon?
Like a shoe, breaking out of strength
Asked the owner of the porridge?
Like once in a deep forest
Two fleas bit the wasp?

Simple tune

Turn your rhyme into a song. Choose a familiar motive and add your own words or create your own melody.

Finds in the magazine

Even if your child does not yet know how to read, for classes you can use any magazines that are at hand. Ask him to calculate how many images of flowers, cars, houses, etc., on the pages of the magazine. Or take two magazines and compete who quickly finds the same subject in them. Just remember, the main purpose of the lesson is to distract the child, and not win the game. After you find this item, you can calculate how many of the same items are in the magazine.

Tell me more

Children are born storytellers. You will be amazed at the child’s imagination if, having drawn a very simple picture, ask him what else needs to be added to get an interesting story. For example, draw a birthday cake, and let the child figure out who has a birthday. As he talks, add different details to the picture, asking who came, what he brought, what the guests ate, etc. Even if you are not a venerable artist, you can draw a house, bed, plane or ghost.

Adventures with Tsumgum

Many children have imaginary friends. Our friend Sally also had a friend named Tsumgum. He did not like to be bored, and even quieter. If Sally had to languish in anticipation, she and her parents usually figured out how Tsumgum would act in their place to pass the time. Zumgum could have snowed on a summer day, and heat in winter. He could turn on the pump in the room, arrange a rain of money in the supermarket and tell such funny stories that sellers would stop working, rolling with laughter. Maybe you also want to make such an imaginary friend as Tsumgum – then it will be more fun to wait. Be sure to talk with your child about how the real world differs from the imaginary. It is important that children understand that they praise or punish us not for what we think, but for what we do.

One hunch

Puzzles are good anyway. If you have to wait a long time, being in one place, try to play this way: invite the child to choose any object that he sees in the room. When asking questions about this subject (or person), you must guess what it is. For example: “Is it something very big? Is this something very small? Can I hold this in my hands? Does it hang on the wall? Is it green? ”Be sure to ask so that you can only answer with“ yes ”or“ no. ”

The number of questions is not limited, but you can try to guess which subject it is, you can name it only once. After the child says, you guessed it or not, it is your turn to make a guess, and it is to ask questions. If you want the game to last a long time, start with more general questions, gradually moving on to specific ones. Surely the child will receive great pleasure if he succeeds in puzzling you.

There is nothing worse when you are condemned to a simple for no reason at all. Just stand and do nothing - in line, in official institutions, before opening a…


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Samui (Thailand), Crocodile Dreams
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