Where is the kids club located in the hotel?
 When discussing your child’s leisure activities, check with the administrator or animators for the location of the kids club. This can be a separately fenced play area, or simply finding…

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Tenerife (Spain)
Such an orca. Among all the Spanish resorts, it is in Tenerife - the perfect balance between nature and city entertainment, so coming here with children and alternating walks with…

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Every child, regardless of age, loves traveling with his parents, learning new cities and countries, and sharing his impressions with his companions. However, a vacation with a child in any…

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Tips for those who are waiting

The time you spend waiting can be used to teach your child to sit quietly and calmly. If the place where you are is not very noisy, try to learn several ways to relax. First you can listen to your breathing and then carefully try to slow it down. Or start relaxing your leg muscles, and then move on to other parts of the body. You should focus and try to feel how the zone of calm expands around you. Do not think that you can easily do this, and in no case be annoyed if your condition is violated by a child’s question. The learning process takes time, and is best encouraged by encouragement rather than punishment.

Let’s dream

When buying a lottery ticket, did you ever dream about what you would do if you won ten million? If you are sitting at a table in a cafe waiting for you to be served, you can pass the time by imagining that you have received these ten million and now spend them. It is so nice to dream that you are the owner of a luxurious house, a wonderful car, a yacht or even the whole island. Imagine this all together.

Fantasize together

If you want to dream with your child, do not become a censor and do not try to direct your baby’s desires to the “best”. If your daughter decided to spend money on bright red sports slippers, do not give in to the temptation to convince her that it is “better” to share money with your sister. On the contrary, try to actively maintain a conversation about what “millions” can be spent on. Having satisfied your own desires, try to give the game an altruistic hue and think about how you could help all the people on Earth. Offer to use “your” millions to feed the hungry around the world. Ask the children how they would distribute the money if they decided to spend it on their friends. This is a good way to help children learn to be aware of the problems that others are facing and not feel guilty about their happy lives.

Physical exercise

If your child is a fidget, offer him to pass the time, a few physical exercises, of course, when you are not in a crowded bus. Say that you need to prepare for the Olympic Games and that there are competitions in four (or three, or five, or how many you decide) sports in which he can take part and even win.

The first view is jumping on one leg. The child must jump twenty times without touching the other foot on the ground (make sure that the difficulty of the exercise matches the age and capabilities of the child). The second is a competition for walking in tiny steps. He must overcome the distance by placing one foot directly in front of the other so that the heel touches the toe each time. The third task is to hold your breath while you pronounce the alphabet; just try to quickly so that the child can win. Finally, in the last type of competition, you take turns calling ten different parts of the body, and each time the baby must move one of them. The meaning of classes is to enable your fidget to move a little.

Where to do it

Such exercises are best done in the doctor’s office, at the bus stop or standing in line, of course, if there is a quiet place where you can go.

Avoid Queues

Have you ever had to linger in the queue for an appointment with a doctor or at the post office, so that it was impossible to distract a capricious and dissatisfied child with anything? Do you know this unpleasant sensation when others look at you with a conviction: “What a child! What kind of parents! ”Of course, you should try to avoid such situations, but sometimes it doesn’t even occur to ask those sitting next to us:“ We will wait in the hall. Please call us from there. ” And in line, you can also ask your neighbors to hold your seat while you walk with your child.

Try not to let children languish in lines. Usually, people around are sympathetic to the child’s desire to warm up, but at the same time, of course, not under their feet, but somewhere else. So, if the line is long, the wait is tiring, and the child is naughty, go to the lobby or the street, move around, run a race, play any game that will allow him to discharge a bit, for example, “Peter says …” during which all participants must repeat only those movements and commands of the facilitator that follow the words “Peter speaks …” You will also feel relieved by letting the child “let off steam” instead of pushing among adults.

Little nothings of life

This is just one of the bad days – your child is in a terrible mood, and you can not entertain him in any way. People around you start casting glances in your direction, the meaning of which you perfectly understand: “Why is it that mom (or dad) can not cope with the child?” But there is a way out: look at your child with complete amazement and say very loudly and expressively: “Of course , this mother should know how to get her baby to behave better! ‘”We promise that you will be relieved.


Together with the child, take turns drawing on a piece of paper straight and curved lines intersecting each other. Then sketch the areas bounded by these lines, solid strokes of different colors, dots, cells, zigzags, etc.

Machine drawings

Have you had to, on the phone or sitting in a meeting, automatically strike something on paper? Have you noticed that your scribbles usually have the same shape? If there is a table in the room where you are waiting, try to draw this way with your child. The rule is not to tear the pencil away from the page while you draw a line or triangle. Then draw circles or squares, curves or 3-shaped lines. See which shapes come from your lines.

Combine letters

In different places on a piece of paper, write block letters, suppose from A to D. Let the child connect them in alphabetical order. When he learns this part of the alphabet and can recognize the letters in the book, add a few more letters and combine them again. You can do the same with numbers. Start with simple exercises, gradually complicating them. Older children can be asked to choose numbers that are multiples of some number, for example, six, eight, etc.

A game of shadows

If the light falls off successfully and you have some paper, for example, a restaurant napkin and a pencil, you can play in the shade. Keep your hand above the paper, while paying attention to the shadow of the child. Let him circle the outline of the shadow on paper. Then slide your fingers — yours or yours — so that the shadow changes shape. Let him outline it again, and you try to turn the shadow into some well-known figure.

“Wow, wow!”

This is a useful exercise for school children. If you are in a crowded place and hear other people’s conversations, quietly agreeing with the child, select some letter. Whenever you hear a word that begins with this letter, be the first to say: “Wow, oh!” If people around you are interested in what you are doing, ask them to guess the letter. This is not easy to do, because at the moment when you say “wow, ooh!”, The word in the desired letter will already be spoken, and the conversation will continue.

With young children, you can play easier: choose the usual, frequently occurring word – “I” or “will” – and try not to use it in a conversation. If you still break the condition, the child says: “Wow, wow!”. Who gets caught five times, he lost.

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