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Tivoli, Copenhagen, Denmark A small, slightly stiff, not full of tricked rides - and such a charming Tivoli Park. It seems that Hans Christian Andersen himself would recommend visiting him.…

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On vacation with a small child
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Traveling with a baby, what you need to know?

Traveling with a child, especially with a small child, will not cause you any trouble, and you will enjoy it if you prepare for this in advance and carefully.

My daughter travels with me, starting from 5 months, once a year. Usually we fly by plane, as for long trips, including traveling with a child, this is the most convenient form of transport. But also we traveled by train, bus and the whole family by car.

In this article I will tell you what difficulties I encountered in different periods when I started traveling with a child. I also recommend that you read an interesting article on what to take with you on a trip HERE.

Firstly, if you are traveling with a child under 3 years old, refuse to travel on buses. This is the most inconvenient form of transport for traveling with a small child. First of all, due to the tightness and lack of ability to take the child to the toilet if necessary. And this need is almost constant.

The bus is often full and you will have to hold the baby in your arms throughout the trip. If you are traveling with a child who is more than 2 years old, then he will need to run, and bags are put in the aisles, and, moreover, drivers do not approve of running around while driving. Better a little longer, but ride the train. You can let the child run, or you can put him to sleep on the shelf.

Decided on the transport, then the most important point is the medication.
When traveling with a child, anything can happen along the way. A child may get sick. If your trip is very long, especially if you are traveling by train and there is no possibility to visit a doctor quickly, you should have all the necessary medicines for an emergency.

The world of pharmaceuticals is constantly evolving, so it is better not to be lazy and visit a therapist before the trip. Explain the situation and ask for recommendations and recipes. Moreover, if you are traveling abroad, you will not be able to buy medicines there yourself, and maybe you will not be able to visit a doctor quickly either. Before traveling, you must also have medical insurance.

Here is my travel kit with my baby:

nasal drops
drops in the ears
antipyretic drugs
activated carbon, or smecta
baby antibiotics
remedies for diarrhea (there are such medicines for infectious diarrhea, a necessary thing)
remedy for burns (PANTHENOL – the best)
wound healing ointments – Solcoseryl, or Levomekol
allergy medication (necessary !!!!)
cotton wool
The next stage when traveling with a child is hygienic.
If you are traveling by train, the most important thing is the POT WITH LID. If the child is under 3 years old, take diapers. In the course of the train there are sanitary areas, when the toilets are closed, it happens for several hours and the conductor will not let you go there, because it is prohibited and may be fined. The child cannot tolerate.

We went out into the vestibule, the child was in need. I covered the pot with a lid and put it in a corner in the vestibule. It does not bother anyone, there is no smell, because the pot is closed. As soon as the toilet opened, I emptied and washed the pot. We traveled by train when my daughter was 5 years old. We drove 4 days to the Black Sea, and then 4 days back. And this pot was indispensable.

Get wet wipes, simple wipes, and paper scarves. Everything is disposable to easily throw away, as storing rags on the train is inconvenient. On trains it is dusty and you will have to wipe your child very often, 1 bag of napkins is enough for half a day.

The train is constantly rolling, and buses also, pick up hygiene packages. The child may suddenly vomit, packages should be at hand all the time.

Now about the dishes for traveling with a child. Disposable glasses are very light and you run the risk of getting wet. We take with us small jars with a screw cap, with a wide neck, made of thick glass. Of these, it is convenient to drink and eat with a spoon. Steamed food, closed the lid. Even if it falls, it will not break or spill.

There is a restaurant on the trains, but we did not eat there. They were afraid of poisoning while traveling with a child, and besides, it is very expensive. Food was stocked at home. You can eat boiled, dry meat a day, eggs as well. Pies with potatoes, with cabbage, with berries. We went in the summer, it was hot and did not begin to store food longer. At the end of the day, all boiled food was thrown away. Left fruit, dry cookies, brewing concentrated soups and noodles. Juices in small bags. Poisoning with juices is also real. Therefore, take small ones at a time. Bottled mineral water. There is constant boiling water on the train.

I have nothing to say about artificial nutrition for children. I was breastfeeding my daughter, at 5 months, when my daughter had 5 flights, I had no problems. I wanted to eat, please, breasts with mom. I was thirsty, here she is. Tired, chest again. Breastfeeding is a salvation for mom from all problems with a child up to 1 year old. I sat on the sidelines, turned away and fed her at the airport and on the plane.

During stops at large stations, food traders come up to the trains. Try not to buy boiled food from your hands to avoid poisoning and diarrhea. Diarrhea in a train is a torment, all because of the same sanitary zones.

If you travel with a child by train, and even more so, as long as we do, then you will have to take things on the road much more than if you fly by plane. Because there is no possibility to wash and dry things in 4 days, and the child picks things up.

Having traveled 3 times with a baby under my arm and 3 suitcases abroad with a transplant, I said – STOP, it won’t work, I won’t turn my hands around anymore. For 2 weeks, 3 changes of clothing are enough, all sorts of other little things can be bought on the spot. Now I take a backpack and a travel bag, no problems with luggage, all this can be taken in hand luggage. Thus, I get rid of waiting for baggage and immediately leave the Airport. With small bags it is more convenient to get to the place.

It remains to think about how to entertain your child while traveling.

The questions about when we arrive fall on your head every five minutes, so it’s very important to keep your child busy for at least 30 minutes.

Children after 1.5 years are very interested in books with stickers. I bought a pack of books that my daughter did not have. And also separately stickers and self-adhesive paper, which was previously cut into different pieces so that it only glued.

Pencils, felt-tip pens, albums and notebooks.

If the child already knows how to play electronic games, then Tetris, or you can give a cell.

Ordinary picture books that I myself read to her.

We travel in the summer, at this time there are usually many children, they like to team up and play together. Your child needs something interesting that he can boast about, it is important for the child. For example, radio-controlled models of toys may well be suitable for this.

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