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We flew to the Black Sea, in Tuapse. Yaroslav got a grandmother!

Actually, we did not plan to fly to Russia in the summer. We did not want to fly so far with the baby, and in the north of India we dreamed. It all started when Yaroslav, one fine day, back in the 5th month of her life, began to carefully pronounce the following words to us: “ba-ba-ba-ba” and “nya-nya-nya-nya”. After she combined these words and uttered with might and main: “ba-ba-bath, ba-ba-bath.” Sasha thought, thought (here, there is a suspicion that they have conspired) and gave me the conclusion: “We need to go to Tuapse, to grandma, Yaroslav and I want to go to grandma Ana.”

Here it is! That is, it is easy to take and go to BabAne on the Black Sea in Tuapse, while in Thailand and going to India. “What kind of news is this?” I thought.

But Yaroslava did not give up: “Ba-ba-ba-nya-nya-nya.” – She persistently asserted. Well, our daughter is responsible for wise leadership in the family, we could not help but listen to her. Moreover, the pope suddenly wanted syrniki, about whom he began to talk dreamily, and the Suluguni.

So, we flew with the baby in Tuapse, to my grandmother, first impressions:

Firstly, we flew directly to Tuapse Krasnodar, the flight was quite long, with three transfers, maybe this should be written separately. We flew these etiads from Bangkok to Saudi Arabia, then to Moscow, where we spent only a night, and in the morning we flew to Krasnodar.

For the future, we realized for ourselves that with a small child, the principle of flight is best suited, which can be described in two words – direct and day. Let the flight be long (from Tay to Moscow -11 hours), but direct, without any changes. And daytime, in any case, for our child this is a much better option than scattered pieces of the night.

Secondly, we were very worried that after Asia, where Yaroslav smiled from small to large, and she smiled back to everyone. Where is she used to, that the world and people are something friendly and kind … we were worried how Yaroslava would react to the fact that in Russia people are smiling a little, that they will not smile at her in return. As a result, of course, they began to smile several times less, but it still happens! All is not lost, comrades 🙂

Thirdly, Yaroslava finally got her grandmother and is very happy about it. Grandmother Yaroslav likes it very much, she plays with her in the game, in the boyarushka, they read books together, go to the kindergarten to look at flowers, pick up vegetables, and much, much more. Now Yaroslavochka ceased to constantly repeat: “Baba-anya, Baba-anya, baba-anya”, because she received a babanu.

Yaroslav’s relations with an old great-grandmother are also very good, they smile at each other, greet each other, giggle and play. They are generally similar in some ways. Rather, not something, but specifically the behavior at the table. At Yaroslavlushka, everything falls to the floor when she tries to eat with a spoon or hand. Great-grandmother does the same. In general, they have a contest “who will throw more under the table.” That’s true, as they say, that is old, that is young.

Fourth. Food. We stopped eating our favorite dish in Asia – rice with vegetables in various variations. Now we eat cottage cheese pancakes, stuffed eggplant, borscht, grandmother’s pies. And bread appeared on our table.

Yaroslav has breastfeeding, after the first six months we began to give her to try adult food. In Tai – it was papaya, bananas, mangoes, a little cauliflower or zucchini. And then we came to grandmother.

On the first day of arrival, Yaroslav sat down at the festive table with us and … saw the pies that my grandmother had prepared. She seemed to have been waiting for these pies all her life, her hands were trembling, her eyes were filled with delight! “Anya,” Yaroslav said busily, grabbed a pie and dragged it into her mouth. “Yaroslaaaaaaaa,” the parents cried out, but it was too late. The happy child procrastinated the pie and smiled joyfully. Now grandmother Anya happily feeds the baby with all sorts of products not recommended by us – gingerbread cookies and cookies. Well, yes, they are grandmothers.

We made Yaroslav a mini-game from the old grandmother’s arbor. We bought a palace, my grandmother found pillows, hung multi-colored material on the walls and ceiling. It became very cozy, in the Indian style. Yaroslav is now crawling here, trying to stand up on his own walls. Of course, she couldn’t accelerate much here, the lawns and the seashore were wider. Therefore, she constantly creeps out of the gazebo, we only have time to catch up with it 🙂

We flew to the Black Sea, in Tuapse. Yaroslav got a grandmother!

Yaroslav also walks with his grandmother into the garden and collects beans and cucumbers, carefully studies the flowers, sucks mint, watches the grapes and figs grow, and of course, tastes everything.

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